Saccade Clothing is a one man brand run by me, Simon McAleese.

Having worked as a freelance menswear illustrator, I began to feel frustrated by some of the pieces I was drawing, due to what I perceived to be a lack of attention to details or rather vanilla choices in the designs. I was playing around with designs and thinking of how I’d put my own spin on the items or adding details to add visual interest or extra practicality to the items.

Having done this for a while, I decided to take the plunge of my starting my own brand after speaking to a few manufacturers whose workmanship and quality was up to the standards I’d want to put my name to, or at least the brand name, and that’s where Saccade began.

A saccade is a rapid eye movement that shifts the centre of gaze from one point of fixation to another, and I think it sums up the whole ethos of the brand. I want to create clothing that is visually interesting with details that will be appreciated by fellow clothing lovers, using premium materials and great manufacturers.



Saccade Clothing Ltd.

Company number: 14770844

Sunderland, England